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What makes “oddly satisfying” videos so satisfying to watch? Psychologists say that it is the completion of things that we are attracted to. It’s the sensation that arises when things are put in order, when things fit in just the right groove. But sometimes it is the destruction of things, like the sensation of watching something melt or getting shredded. The Oddly SatisFactory is a sensory experience that explores the “Oddly Satisfying” with a variety of mechanisms that operate to create the most satisfying cupcake.

Routine plays a vital part in a child’s life. As they grow up, everything around them changes and they are constantly being exposed to new situations. They learn new skills with every passing day and then it becomes part of their routine. This routine is what gives them a sense of organization, stability, and comfort. Zoey is an abstract narrative that explores routine and a child's sense of comfort through an everyday object, like a lunchbox.

The Return of the Moo is a short animation, aimed to raise awareness of the single most destructive industry facing the planet today: animal agriculture. It is the leading cause of deforestation, desertification, ocean dead-zones, species extinction, habitat destruction, water use, water pollution, top soil erosion, etc. 

Camp Flog Gnaw is a festival hosted by rapper Tyler the Creator and is open to all ages. The festival is a carnival theme, featuring carnival food, rides, and games. The festival includes a skate park/competitions, and performances by mainstream and underground artists.